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2020: A 20/20 Vision for Collective Well-being


A 20/20 Vision for Collective Well-being

How Group Dynamics and Social Connectedness Shape Individual Choices

September 23–25, 2020
Renaissance Austin Hotel, Austin TX

At Forum20 we will examine “collective well-being” and ask how groups, organizations and our social spheres shape our destiny, fulfillment and life satisfaction. To be sure, individual and group influences are bi-directional. This year, we examine how well we are employing principles of social psychology to advance well-being and how we are shaping group dynamics to bolster our aims to become the best places to work. Forum20 draws on award-winning research conducted by Drs. Roy, Riley, Sears and Rula that five domains are needed to advance a more actionable framework to achieve collective well-being: “vitality, opportunity, connectedness, contribution and inspiration.”

How well are organizations able to contribute to the well-being of employees given the many externalities that influence and shape personal decisions? Does our interest in “moving from wellness to well-being” bring a fresh interest in tenets of the socioecological framework with an emphasis on environmental and culture contributors to health? How true is the public health bromide that the choices we make are keenly tied to the choices we have? Or does well-being relate more to a person’s perception about how their life is going and how well they can adapt to everyday events, limited choices or not? We’re excited to have you join us in Austin, Texas to discuss these questions and learn together.

photos of Austin TX

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