General Session

From the C-Suite to the Shop Floor: Making the Workplace Work Well for Everyone

What's Your Mountain?

Real World and Road Rules: Bringing Behavior Change Science to the Real World

Is Well-Being a Skill that can be Trained? How Thriving Is Accessible from the C-Suite to the Shop Floor

Employer Panel

Research Panel

Harnessing Technology to Create Meaningful Work and Purposeful Organizations

Measures for the C-Suite and the Shop Floor
New ideas, instruments, and dashboards with clearly defined constructs that can show baseline or over-time changes in well-being and/or culture, particularly for hard-to-reach populations.

Well-Being for Diverse Workforces: Can You Deliver Experience and Results?

Designed for Success: Communicating Well-Being Program Success Through Dashboards

How Hopkins Is Getting Healthy: Motivating & Measuring Change

A Better Measure: Persistent Engagement

Millennial Misperceptions: Do Employers Need Preventive Health Programs for Young People?

Putting Well-Being Measures to Work

Parity in Health Promotion
How to better meet the needs of women, minorities, and low-wage workers.

Improving Social Determinants of Health through Worksite Wellness Programs

One Size Does Not Fit All: The Impact and Role of Social Determinants of Health in Workplace Well-Being Programs

Building a Culture of Health: Achieving “Factory Fitness” Takes a Village

Convening Communities Around a Bold Goal

Practical Steps Toward Achieving Parity in Behavioral Health Care Access and Treatment

Skills, Motivation, Autonomy
Exemplary employer population health improvement cases, successful health promotion interventions, and behavioral economics principles in action.

Failure: Friend or Foe?

Incentives: Do they work?

Getting the Rest of Your Life: A Research Based Education Program

Evidence that Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed

Food as Medicine: The Power of Diet to Prevent and Treat Chronic Disease

Happiness & Well-Being
How to measure and apply concepts of gratitude, happiness, resiliency, and other holistic ways to advance well-being in our day-to-day health and well-being initiatives.

Measurably Reducing Burnout While Increasing Happiness & Engagement

Resilience in the Workplace: Managing the Stress of Organizational Change

Well-Being Interventions: What's working, why, and how does it translate to digital?

Engaging Leaders & Champions
Enlisting, training, and supporting wellness champions, middle managers, informal grassroots leaders, and executive-level leaders in building a culture of health.

Starting Conversations: How To Talk to Executive Leaders

Intentional Wellness: Engagement for C-Suite, Drivers and Non-Drivers

We Lead: Creating a Healthy Workplace Through Multi-Level Leadership

Think Global, Source Local: Creating an Environment and Culture that Helps Employees Become More Engaged, Energized and Effective

Creating Consistency to Build a Winning Wellness Culture

New Ideas & New Uses for Old Ideas
New ideas, paradigm shapers and shifters, and new uses for old ideas. Be prepared to discuss whether our profession is best served by an evolution or a revolution with regard to current best practices and your ideas about next practices.

Drive Outcomes with a Best Practice Approach to Strategy, Culture, and Program Evaluation

Digital Therapeutics: Building a Culture of Health at FICO

Cooper’s Triple Play Collaborative: Partner Synergy to Improve Employee Health

The New Happy Hour: Literature as a Vehicle for Social Wellness

Weighing In: New Considerations for Addressing Employee Nutrition and Obesity in the 21st Century Workplace

State of the Employee Health Ecosystem

Deep Dive
Diving deeper into hot topics for 2018.

Toward Health Equity and Diverse Engagement: How the University of Michigan’s Workplace Well-Being Initiative is Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Healthcare Utilization: Wage Really Does Matter

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