The University of Iowa
The University of Iowa
Tuesday, September 10, 2019
2:40 pm – 3:40 pm
Well-being programs are often challenged to find their place as a strategic business partner within their organizations. Traditionally, well-being professionals use their passion and deep understanding of the human condition to drive decision-making when what is really needed is a coupling with clear, straightforward analytics of the population at hand to secure a seat at the business strategy table. Like many employers, Universities have a common mission with many unique sub-cultures and goals. Over the past two years, Human Resources at the University of Iowa has partnered with their IT Business Intelligence group to launch a data dashboard project. Dashboards have been released to leaders across campus and have proven to be a tool to connect strategically to the unique business needs of various areas across the enterprise. The four dashboards that have been released include ones focused on Demographics, Turnover/Retention, Absence Management and Well-being.

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